Client Services

Client Services

Expand your distribution network and books of business

Insurance companies can use our web application internally as well as an ‘agent platform’ to share risk profiles and premiums with (overseas) agents, brokers and other distributors. It gives them a single easy-to-use interface to your organization.

Have your distributors conduct business from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All parties can obtain instant quotes, bind, renew and print policies or certificates. The platform eliminates the need to verify premium calculations and to verify compliance with the policy, so that agents can also validate and confirm coverage and premiums.

This lowers administrative costs for everyone. Premium rating becomes more precise and more competitive without adding undue complexity.

Improve your clients' experience and customer satisfaction

Insure companies can also open up the platform 24/7 to external parties, such as freight forwarders, logistic professionals, 3PLs, NVOCCs and individuals by giving out login details. These (potential) clients can access from anywhere in the world to obtain a cargo insurance quote, book cargo insurance instantly and print the insurance certificate right away as part of their shipment booking process.

The management of cargo insurance (for third parties) was a paper intensive and error sensitive process. Get rid of waiting for return e-mails or phone calls and minimize your paperwork at the same time.

Both ways, provides added value to your own company, your business partners, customers and even the customers of your customers. It enables you to differentiate from competition.