Finance And Administration

Follow and manage your policies throughout their entire lifecycle

Insurance companies may have a variety of aging technologies that forces their employees to access multiple systems (CRM, policy, billing, claims, etc.). Teams from different departments have to switch through multiple systems to fulfill their operations.

The InsureMyTrans web application integrates the underwriting portal with a modern Policy Management, Financial and Administration and Claim Management system. The combination establishes a strategic and scalable platform providing the company the the highest value. It offers significant operational efficiencies and cost reductions in the management and administration of cargo insurance policies, invoicing and claim handling processes. offers automated premium invoicing, which reduces administrative costs and errors, improves cash flow and provides company-wide transparency for invoicing, payments and receivables. comes with an integrated Virtual Merchant Account, that enables international payment by credit and debit card, autogiro, bank transfer and electronic invoicing. We negotiated the best rates for your international payments.