Your Cargo Insurance Software Solution

The web application offers a simple and effective solution to instantly calculate risk profiles and generate proper cargo insurance premiums by indicating a client’s basic shipment and cargo details.

Automating your underwriting, documentation and claim processes, drive your efficiency, enable you to tap into new distribution channels and improve the customer experience, lowering your loss ratio and drive profitability. offers significant operational efficiencies and cost reductions in the management and administration of cargo insurance policies. It is fully interactive, web-based and therefore allows global access for any party at any time.

Free Updates & Support

We are continuously improving our program. This will go without any extra costs or reinstallment for you. You can contact us any time when needed.

Unlimited Applicability

Easily manage access for brokers, agents, surveyors and your own clients, such as freight forwarders and shippers.

Save on Time & Costs

Our technology makes the underwriting, processing and management of policies, claims and surveyor reports faster, more efficient and less expensive. Intuitive - Insightful - Interactive